Katie Hood Morgan

From the Golden West Notebook
Poems by Jason Morris
Illustrations by Jason Grabowski and Jesse Schlesinger
Published by Publication Studio Berkeley, Allone Co. Editions

Exhibition curated by Katie Hood Morgan and Colter Jacobsen

Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, San Francisco, CA
April 29 - May 25, 2011
Book release and reception Friday, April 29th, 7-10pm

Adobe Books is pleased to present an exhibition to accompany the release of the latest publication from Berkeley-based Allone Co. Editions. Inspired by the ACE Double books of the fifties, in which genre novels (especially Westerns and Science Fiction) were paired, From the Golden West Notebook brings together Jason Morris’ poetry and the first section of Thoreau's Walden, the chapter on “Economy.” Jason Morris’ serial poem (also called “From the Golden West Notebook”) follows a character named “I” through a hallucinogenic western landscape populated by the ghosts of Melville, Spicer, Thoreau, and the distressed magnetic reels of Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes.

Thoreau’s account begins on July 4th, 1845, when he moved into the cabin he built. In the “Economy” section, he details the building of the cabin and lists his costs. From the Golden West Notebook is bound so the two writings mirror one another, tête-bêche (head to toe), and features the artwork of Jason Grabowski and Jesse Schlessinger.

The exhibition will feature artworks related to the publication as well as a small reading room with relevant texts chosen by the artists and writers and friends of the gallery.

Allone Co. Editions is Colter Jacobsen's Publication Studio Berkeley imprint. Publication Studio is an online, print-on-desire publishing outfit that was started in Portland, Oregon, and has spread north to Vancouver and south to Los Angeles, and elsewhere. More info: www.publicationstudio.biz.